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Get the advance you need. From $50,000 to $5 million…

  • 0% interest
  • no personal guarantee
  • no collateral
  • no risk
  • and the approval rate exceeds 90%!

Cash Equivalent Dollars:

The Merchant Advance program provides you with Cash Equivalent Dollars (CED’s) that are used in conjunction with cash to reduce your cash requirement to purchase almost any product or service you need and use for your business.

Designed for Today’s Merchants:

This isn’t just another ‘Cash Advance’ program. With the Merchant Advance Program, merchants use their own products or services to repay their advance. 75% of your Advance is repaid with your own product, service, excess capacity or production which is valued at full retail price. The remaining balance is paid back through a small percentage deducted from future credit card sales. You have the power to leverage your most valuable asset (your inventory) to get what you need, while reducing the cash required for purchasing. A CED Advance will also increase business by driving new customers to your business that purchase your products, services or capacity.

Increase Sales and Profitability… without negatively impacting your balance sheet!

  • High Approval Rate
  • Advance Amounts up to 10 Times Monthly Visa, MasterCard and Discover Sales Volume
  • Funding Within 48 Hours
  • No Fixed Payment Schedule on Cash Payback
  • Fast, Easy and Convenient
  • Increased Sales to New Customers
  • Cash Payback Does Not Begin for 90 Days or Until the First CED is Spent

Approval Guidelines:

  1. Merchants must spend a combined total of $10,000 or more annually on at least five of the categories on the Products & Services List.
  2. Merchants business type must be on the Approved Business Categories list.
  3. Advance amounts are determined by a multiple of up to 10 times the merchant’s monthly Visa, MasterCard and Discover sales volume. The advance must be a minimum of $50,000 and typically up to $5 million. Larger advances up to $15 million are considered on a case by case basis.
  4. Merchants must have accepted credit cards for a minimum of 3 months, and must provide 2 prior month merchant processing statements.
  5. Credit Card Transactions must be processed through IRN Payment Systems.

Approved Business Types:

Airline Tickets, Airplanes, Appliance Repair, Auto Repair, Boat Rental, Boats, Show Tickets, Car Rental, Commercial Construction, Computer Repair, Computers, Concerts, Copy & Duplication, Cosmetic Surgery, Creative Services, Cruise Lines, Day Spas, Dentists, Dinner Cruises, Dry Cleaners, Extended Stay Hotels, Hair Salons, Health Clubs, Heavy Machinery, Home Maintenance, Hotels & Resorts, Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance, Legal Services, Major Appliances, Media Motor, Homes Movie, Tickets, New & Used Vehicles, Printing, Real Estate, Residential Construction, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Ski Lift Tickets