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The Merchant Rewards Network empowers businesses that accept Credit Cards to reduce their cash requirements for purchasing the products and services they need, and to increase sales through new marketing channels to new customers locally, across the nation, or throughout the world.

Merchant Rewards Network provides the only Rewards program in the Merchant Services Industry...
Businesses that accept credit cards are paid 1% in Reward Dollars for every Visa and MasterCard sale (1% up to $50,000 per month in processing & 1/2% thereafter).
Merchant Rewards Network gives Merchants powerful advantages...
Spend Reward Dollars to reduce your corporate travel expenses, take a long deserved vacation, advertise to promote your business or print new brochures... You'll find a brilliant array of products and services available for purchase with Reward Dollars in the online marketplace. Or, get personal assistance from our concierge service.
Merchant Rewards Network also enables you to collaborate in a network of tens of thousands of businesses
Give your members the added advantage of Reward Dollars and increase your trade velocity and transaction revenue.